Now that I’ve got a few articles on here I would like to take the time to make a proper About page. My name is Jameson (hi!) and I like writing about stuff. I like to write about politics and the news, I like writing funny stories to make myself laugh, I follow current events obsessively. When I write an article I tend to cite lots of sources, those sources are instrumental to what I do and I encourage you to check them out. I get excited when someone reads my articles but I get really excited if I see that they went on to read someone else’s. A lot of people can write about complex topics better than I can so I make it a priority to find those people and put them on your radar.

I’ll try to post once a day one or more short, good things that I find interesting or I think should be discussed or that I just had to share with the world. If I don’t make a post on a particular day assume the worst.

My writing team includes myself and my two cats; Poesy and Bear. She’s a little bit country, he’s a little bit rock and roll and they both hate thunder. Sometimes I post pictures of them, but not too many because their egos are big enough as it is.


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