The curious incident of Tim Curry in the May time

tim curry

On May 23rd, the world was saddened to learn that Tim Curry had apparently suffered a massive stroke in his California home. While the rumor mill churned out low information, high speculation nuggets like “he can no longer talk” or “he might not live”, people close to him, specifically his agent, Marcia Hurwitz, said:

Tim is doing great. He absolutely can speak and is recovering at this time and in great humor.

But still, things must be pretty bad for the guy and well wishes started pouring in from social media. Rightfully so. Tim Curry is an incredible actor and has probably had a bigger influence on pop culture than many people realize. In fact, I – what’s that? Wait, Marcia Hurwitz has a bit more to say:

The stroke actually occurred “last July,” she told USA Today. “He has been going to physical therapy, doing very well and in great humor,” she added. “He thanks everyone for sending him good wishes.”

Last July?!? For those reading this in “the future” (how are hoverboards?), “last July” means July, 2012…like pretty much a year ago. So much for breaking news. But in this case, no breaking news is good news because it appears Tim Curry isn’t clinging to life the way everyone seemed to think (and many websites haven’t corrected).

Even so, this is as good a time as any to list a few of the ways Tim Curry is incredible:

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show is hands down my favorite musical. It is one of a kind and so unapologetically odd that I’m hopelessly drawn to it (I’ve written before about how I’m drawn to odd things, expect it to be a reoccurring theme). Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter is a HUGE part of my love for this movie. “Sweet Transvestite” should be required singing in our nation’s elementary school music classes (what?).

You’re welcome.


Clue is one of the best comedies in existence and I’ll fight anyone who says other wise. The dialogue is clever, the story is clever, but more importantly the way the story is told (like the board game is played) is really clever. It’s a testimony to the fact that a storyless board game needn’t be a storyless movie (I’m looking at you, “Battleship”). This embedded clip is a huge spoiler so if you haven’t seen Clue watch the movie, dummy!

Muppet Treasure Island

It’s my favorite Muppet movie (and I liked all of them). Another musical but with less fishnet stockings, Muppet Treasure Island was a childhood staple of mine and even now it’s hard to pass up when it’s on TV.

Literally every great cartoon you’ve ever seen

ahh real monsters

captain planet




So it’s clear that Tim Curry has given us some of our favorite childhood memories and it’s criminal that he isn’t more of a household name. I’m relieved to see that he still has several projects in the works according to his IMDB page, so he isn’t done with us yet. I’m also glad he appears to be doing well and hope he continues to get better. That would be smashing.

Oh and sorry about this:

it clown

Yep, he was the clown from It. (source:


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