My Justin Bieber movie idea

In honor of the fan who rushed on stage to hug Justin Bieber. I came up with a movie concept that, I think, could do really well in both foreign and domestic markets.

biggest fan poster

On a trip to Dubai as part of his world tour, Justin Bieber is framed for the kidnapping of the Sheikh’s daughter. As to not garner any more publicity or incite the crowd, the police allow Justin to finish his concert before he is to be escorted out of the stadium and taken to prison, probably for LIFE. Just as the concert is winding down, and Justin faces the inevitable, a fan rushes the stage and attempts to hug the superstar. Security tackles the guy and leads him away BUT WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, Justin Bieber winds up in the same police van on the way to prison! The fan proves himself to be a lovable, if overly obsessed, doofus and Justin is dreading spending the whole van ride with him.

CUT TO a sheep herder leading his fluffy charges across the highway. The police van comes over the crest of a hill just in time to see the sheep directly in their path and spins out of control, flipping several times (or if Michael Bay is directing: several thousand times). Justin and the fan, dazed but unhurt, slowly crawl out of the wreckage to see that the two prison guards are knocked unconscious (this ensures a PG13 rating). The sheep herder keeps walking oblivious to the whole crash and we wait a beat as the audience CRACKS UP when it turns out he had headphones on and was listening to Justin Bieber’s new hit song!

“We have to call the cops” Justin screams in that angelic voice of his.

“No, Mr. Bieber. No! You don’t understand! The police never intended for you to get to prison. They will make it look like a suicide.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know nothing of the Sheikh or his daughter. You won’t understand.” The fan kicks a rock and stares out into the desert sands, frustrated.

“What won’t I understand?” Justin says, dreamily.

“In your country, is there anyone SO important that the whole nation could be brought to its knees if something happened to them?”

“Yes actually,” Justin says, finally understanding. He walks over to the fan and puts his arm on his shoulder. “You have to get me out of here, sir. That person, the most important person in my country, that person is me.”

So begins a wacky, road trip comedy between two strangers united by circumstance and love for Justin Bieber.

I’m assuming Adam Sandler will play the part of the Fan but Eddie Murphy is probably available too. Justin Bieber will, of course, play himself in what is set to be the biggest role on his career.


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