Sometimes celebrities are awesome

Being a celebrity is hard. Just imagine having to deal with paparazzi and tabloid gossip following you wherever you go. And the money and fame! Oy vey, it’s enough to make minimum wage look downright cozy. It’s this constant barrage of demanding fans and idol worship that can make a celebrity get bitter and conceited. That’s why it’s so refreshing when you see a celebrity who legitimately seems comfortable in his or her life and shows a willingness to use his or her star power for the simple pleasures of fun, and in some cases down right good. Here are some of my favorite recent examples:

Bill Murray

English: Bill Murray at the 2010 Toronto Inter...

Bill Murray: More God than Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Full disclosure: I grew up in a Bill Murray worshiping household. His movies were watched and talked about with the same kind of reverence usually reserved for scripture. His characters were witty, smart, sarcastic and always awesome. It’s no surprise that Bill Murray ended up being totally AWESOME too. His coolness is well documented but none more aptly than this video that’s been floating around the internet recently.

The fact that it was a play on a Wes Anderson movie is simply icing on top. What’s really great is how well he plays it. He doesn’t goof around, ham it up, or otherwise ruin a pitch perfect homage to the great “Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” scene. That’s class.

Lenny Kravitz

While Lenny Kravitz sometime gets (unfairly) maligned and he hasn’t really done much outside of the The Hunger Games recently, I still think he seems like a pretty cool dude. If you’re wondering why, you haven’t seen this video. I won’t do much set up for this because he does a good job of explaining it in the video itself but just know that if I was in this high school band I would have alienated you to the point of outright hatred by NEVER letting this go.

Full Disclosure: I paid money to see Lenny Kravitz in concert when I was young. I regret nothing.

Katy Perry

Lot’s of stars do sentimental gestures like bringing young fans on stage to sing with them (and by all means keep doing so. It gets me every time :’), but what’s notable about this one is the way Katy allows herself to take a backseat to this (clearly talented) young girl with autism. The girl isn’t backing Katy Perry, Katy Perry is just there to accent this girl as she does a great job with the song.

Full Disclosure: I earnestly said the words: “Well, I’m not surprised, what with the way he treats her. She deserves better.” When I read Katy Perry and Russel Brand broke up.

Harrison Ford

English: Harrison Ford at the Cannes film fest...

English: Harrison Ford at the Cannes film festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harrison Ford is an action hero. No, but like in real life too! Indiana Jones has apparently rescued several lost or incapacitated hikers in the mountains around his Wyoming property. By Helicopter. Yes, when not filming awesome movies (or disappointing fourth installments to otherwise awesome series), Ford can be seen literally flying a private helicopter over mountainous terrain in search of those in need. He is both the hero we need AND deserve. Also, he should make another Jack Ryan movie. Just saying. That would be pretty cool.

Full Disclosure: I skipped “Cowboys vs Aliens”

Fiona Apple

Besides being a musical genius, Fiona Apple embraces a kind of strangeness in herself and others that I love. She has always been uninterested in conforming to any societal construct that she didn’t agree with and never was it as heartfelt and important as when she wrote back to a high school fan who was looking for support for a Gay-Straight alliance club he was a member of. What she sent back was great.


Full Disclosure: I cried the first time I read this letter.


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