The best movie clip you will see all week

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume you haven’t seen David Lynch’s Wild at Heart. It’s weird, creepy and extremely hard to get into, which means David Lynch probably considers it his defining movie. If you even saw one part of this film you’d probably turn to the person next to you and say “I didn’t know David Lynch made a new movie”. That’s how David Lynch-y this David Lynch film is.

Director David Lynch

Director David Lynch, pictured here NOT being an insane director (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things you need to know before seeing this clip:

1. The film stars Nicholas Cage, during the years when a film starring Nicholas Cage actually meant something.

2. The film also stars national treasure (see what I did there?), Willem Dafoe.

3. Lynch has said in interviews that in the first two test screenings of the movie a combined 180 people walked out before the movie was over.

4. I sincerely hope it was after the scene I’m about to show you.

5. Watch the clip till the VERY end or you’re a coward (and I apologize for the quality)

6. Oh and it could be considered Not Safe For Work unless your boss is a pretty cool dude/dudette.

Amazing. For those who cannot watch it due to being at work or because the internet has made you a cynical shell of a person incapable of feeling anything but skepticism towards anything you find on the internet, I will describe the scene here. Nicholas Cage and Willem Dafoe are fleeing from a robbery when they get caught by a law enforcement officer. Nicholas Cage jumps to the ground (rational) but Willem Dafoe starts grinning eerily and waving his giant shotgun around (irrational), to which the officer replies by shooting him like five times. Not terribly amazing so far. What is amazing is what happens next. As Willem Dafoe’s bullet ridden body staggers to the ground, he somehow ends up pointing his shotgun at his own head and in a final lurch forward BLOWS HIS OWN HEAD OFF. Literally. His head LITERALLY gets separated from his body and hits a wall with a splat. Why? Only Lynch knows. The audacity of the scene is really a testament to how visionary David Lynch is as a filmmaker. NO ONE would seriously consider throwing a death scene like that into a serious movie (even one that was intentionally over the top, such as this) so I really admire David Lynch’s commitment and trust in his own insanity translating to the big screen well. I almost wonder if it was a pragmatic move to drum up VHS tape sales because watching a scene like that almost demands a rewind to fully comprehend what happens.


One comment

  1. Lola

    It definitely demands a rewind…and another…and another…and after an hour I still can’t believe that happened.

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