Where’s the punchline, Ann Coulter?

Ann Coulter offends me. It isn’t because of her political or social views, those just simply make her a very horrible human being. Ann Coulter offends me because she’s a person who thinks she’s funny when she isn’t. That probably describes a lot of people, but what sets Ann Coulter apart is that she seems to attribute her popularity to her wit and not, say, her vile political positions. I’ve never met one, but if I were to come across a person who thinks Ann Coulter is funny, I am willing to bet they aren’t funny either. I’m wiling to bet they like her humor for the same reason she uses “humor” in the first place; it gets both of them out of the uncomfortable position of saying and thinking cruel things about other people because, after all, it was “a joke”.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 12, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To update everyone, a week ago MSNBC’s Martin Bashir said something that ruffled Ann’s feathers. I’ll let her describe it:

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir suggested that Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support the Democrats’ gun proposals.

To which she added:

(Let’s start with Meghan McCain!)

That’s the joke (apparently, it’s obvious when you add an exclamation point). In case you missed it because you’re a dumb liberal or something, Ann Coulter’s joke was that if Republican Senators had to have their family members killed, Ann would be fine if it was Meghan McCain (because Meghan McCain disagreed with her a few times over the years). Her defense of having said that was that she was being sarcastic (again, note the exclamation point!) and therefore the “uptight citizens brigade” was just overreacting as always.

As a side note, it’s telling that she uses the contraction “Let’s” because in her universe, an abstract point being made about Republican senators not personally identifying with the victims somehow makes Ann identify her and her readers as the group doing the killing, naturally. Although, I’m not surprised, Ann is a bit of a savant when it comes to not identifying with victims.

That remark brings me to why I get offended by Ann Coulter’s humor. It’s from a place of hate, not a place of love. The best comedy is that which approaches familiar topics and exposes them, questions them, shakes their head at them, but never hates them. You shouldn’t hate the subject you’re joking about, it’s a violation of the comedy Golden Rule “laugh with them not at them”. Ann Coulter knows that the people she’s writing for hate the people she’s writing about. With good reason, Ann Coulter writes whole books on why you should hate them. It’s kind of her whole schtick. So when she says, “Let’s [shoot] Meghan McCain” she knows the people who laugh are the people who despise Meghan McCain for her outspoken views on Conservatism.

Comedy should never be used as a shield against accountability. It is not impossible, nor should it be discouraged, to joke about sensitive things but it’s bad comedy to do it in a sarcastic, sneering way towards the target of your scorn. That shows a lack of respect and an ulterior motive. Ann Coulter wasn’t making a joke, she was trying to make a point, at the expense of Meghan McCain and the liberals she consorts with. Don’t play coy with us, Ms. Coulter.



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